EP S*Juvelens


SC S*Rosenöras


My name is Anna and i live in Skelleftea in the north of Sweden. I bought my first norwegian forestcat in 2002, Juvelens Zita. Her breeder asked me to come to a catshow and efter that I got hooked.

We bought our second female in 2005, Rosenöras Shakira. She had two litters, 2007 and 2010.

In 2016 we bought Hagtorns Fender, and she has had one litter so far.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my site.

         S*Hagtorns Fender

NFO f 0322


Kronos-Enrique van Siriusland

NFO ns 09 22


     S*Zelvitas Escape

NFO n 09 22